Group GL International

Group GL International is the colletive name of companies founded by Mr Ghislain Lenaers, wich operate under his management in al large variety of sectors on the international market, from real estate management to distribution and other services.

The group derived from the construction company "NV Algemene Ondernemingen G. Lenaers", created in 1980 by Mr Ghislain Lenaers as a continuation of the succesfull "Bouwondernemingen Louis Lenaers". This was the first step towards the creation of a strong and extended network of companies which, trough their synergie, are able to take advantage of the opportunities of the market and the current economic trends.

Structural simplicity and flexibility are the cornerstones of Group GL International. They ensure flexible operations as well as the extraordinary versatity of the group. Over 800 multi-task specialised employees form the workforce of Group GL International.

A wide range of activities, fair play in negotiations, respect for business ethics and a global turnover in excess of 100 million euro are the foundations of a strong and profitable position in the international market.

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